Baccarat is a popular game in North America, Asia, and Australia. It is a casino card game in which players try to guess the outcome of a hand.

The game is played by using eight standard decks of cards. Each player is dealt two cards, which they can use to make a bet. There are also side bets available at the tables.

A croupier, who is responsible for calling cards, is in charge of the bets on the outer sides of the table. One bet that is commonly available is the ‘Banker’ bet.

The banker will try to beat the player’s hand with a larger bet. If the banker’s hand is beaten, the players can choose to stand, raise the bet or call for another card.

In the older games, the first two cards of each hand are kept concealed. However, in most modern versions, all cards are face up.

All the cards are worth their face value, with the exception of the ace, which has a value of one. For tens and face cards, they are worth zero.

The house has a 1.17 percent advantage on the Bank bet and a 14.1 percent advantage on the Tie bet. Both of these bets pay 9 to 1 odds.

The House Edge calculator can be found in Pogg’s Baccarat Guide. It also contains advice and strategy on how to play the game.

To win at Baccarat, you must be able to count cards and use complicated counting techniques. Moreover, you must take every opportunity to improve your results.