When it comes to online poker, finding the right poker room to join is essential to success. There are many crossovers and no two online poker rooms are exactly alike. You want to find a poker room that fits your needs and your skill level. The best way to do that is by joining a poker network that offers games to players of all levels. While some poker networks have more experienced players, others are filled with beginners. As a beginner, you want to look for games where the competition is less strong and you can improve your skills.

While there are many sites that offer online poker, three of them have risen to the top. PokerStars is a leader in the industry, with operations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. BetMGM is another prominent player with a presence in the US, offering online poker in four different states. And the WSOP offers interstate online poker.

One of the advantages of online poker is its speed. Most online poker networks deal with more hands per hour than their live counterparts. A full ring game deals about twenty to thirty hands per hour, while a six-max online game can deal as many as seventy-five hands per hour. When four tables are running at once, the speed reaches 400 hands per hour.