Sportsbet is a website or app that Aussies can use to make wagers on, well, pretty much anything. That includes not just the big leagues, but also horse races and cricket matches, reality show contests, TV plotlines and more.

Sportsbook odds are basically probabilities that the bookmakers give to different outcomes on an event or game. They take into account a range of factors, including team and individual player form, historical trends, current and recent events, and even betting patterns across the country. By studying these odds and comparing them to those on competing sportsbooks, you can gauge how likely your wager is to win.

A good place to start is a comprehensive odds comparison site like Covers, which shows multiple markets from all the major sportsbooks (even player props) and highlights the ones with the best odds. Then, shop around to find a bookmaker that offers the betting products and services that you want.

On the racing side, we love that Sportsbet prominently showcases their schedule of deductions – although they do mention that it is only a “guide”. However, their same game multis often come up a bit short in terms of odds (and the number of runners that get scratched) compared to the competition, especially at sites like PlayUp, Palmerbet and Neds. The latter also feature a broader range of racing markets and extra features such as live streaming, speed maps and race insights.