The Sportsbet website can be a little overwhelming for first-time punters with many promotions and markets displayed at once. But once you click on a market, the site opens up and is less in-your-face.

The odds are clearly presented for each event and can be viewed in either American, decimal, or fractional formats. The ‘Open’ column towards the left of the page shows the original odds when the market opened. This can be compared to the current odds on offer in the ‘Odds’ column, with a green icon showing the line movement since the opening. The consensus column is a good way to see how the majority of the Covers community are backing each team without taking line movement into account.

One of our favourite features at sportsbet is their ‘Bet With Mates’ function. This allows you to create a group of 2 or more friends, pool your funds and bet on any racing or sports market. Each member is able to transfer their buy-in and place bets on behalf of the group, tracking activity and performance on their homepage.

Another feature of sportsbet is their ‘Justice Payouts and Refunds’, which pays out winning bets if the wight declared is incorrect. This means that you’ll get your money into your account moments after the race, and well before any protest is upheld. Sportsbet also showcase their schedule of deductions on their races but they are only a “guide”. We’ve found that betting sites like Neds will generally deduct less from your bets, and they have a lot more features too (e.g. live streaming, speed maps, race insights).